We work with most every LOS out there!  Head over to our contact page to get in touch to determine if we have your specific combination built.  If not, we are always looking for new connections to build!

Yes, the LenderLink engine can connect any point A to any point B.  In addition to working with any API’s, we can also connect systems that may generate an output data payload, IE XML, Json, csv, txt, etc.

Yes, LenderLink will index loan document packages (images) to your cold storage system based on your FI’s specific indexing directions.

Yes!  As a licensed CPA firm, we can account for any monetary transactions related to any loan type, including the most complex mortgage accounting, as part of our automated process.

We have options on how our users can leverage our solution.  Users can log into the interface to validate data points, or LenderLink can be setup to run as a service with no user intervention.

LenderLink will use the data from the LOS and core defaults unique to each Financial Institution.  With these two data sources, LenderLink’s smart rule based engine allows for our staff to calculate or deduce additional data points to get your loan boarded. We also accommodate FI user defined data.

No , you will never see increased fees for any support requests, additional mappings or additional loan types/products.


LAAPC has been a family-owned business since 1986.  Financial Institutions have put their trust in LenderLink since 1995 to handle their loan boarding integration.