About Us

Lowenstein and Associates, PC (LAAPC) is a licensed CPA firm that develops software to help lenders do their work smarter and faster. Our dynamic tools cut through the complexity of data transfers, construction loan servicing, loan review, and tracking charged-off loans, making these difficult tasks as simple as a few keystrokes.

Lowenstein and Associates brings simplicity, flexibility, strong internal controls, outstanding service and, most important, profitability. Our software tools pay for themselves over and over again in time saved, revenues increased, and costs reduced.

Lowenstein and Associate’s unique solutions help our clients:

  • Simplify the transfer of data between loan origination and core
  • Generate automated batch uploads of monetary and file maintenance transactions (from any source) to core
  • Manage construction loan servicing and builder relationships
  • Automate ALLL calculation and monitor impaired/watch loans
  • Track charged-off loans

When you purchase software from Lowenstein and Associates, you get the best of both worlds: a top-notch software application developed and supported by certified public accountants and former regulators. No wonder financial institutions ranging from community credit unions to multi-billion dollar banking companies have counted on Lowenstein and Associates for almost 30 years.

Meet Our Team

Don Lowenstein

Grand Poobah

CPA and visionary, Don’s energy and enthusiasm drive everything we do, every day.

Ruth Lowenstein

Marketing Maven

Living the brand every day: great products and fabulous service!

Tuck Ackerman

The Answer Man

How do our products support sound lending? Ask former regulator Tuck.

Zach Lowenstein

The Emissary

Zach’s mission is to spread the word about our time-tested solutions.

Neva Woody


Let Neva show you how to hit the bullseye when you board loans.

Luke Lowenstein

The Linkster

When you absolutely, positively have to connect two systems, Luke’s your guy.

Ryan McKay

Jack of all trades

Supports multiple programs ensuring total client satisfaction.

Katie McKay

The Queen

When it comes to construction lending and loan review, CPA Katie rules!

Eric Hargrave

Fresh Outlook

Bringing new life to implementations